all about the angles

I use multiple HD cameras, along with various zoomed shots to produce a variety of Camera Angles. This allows me to clearly demonstrate and communicate with you visually. Learning technique, without physically being at the teacher location, is one of the major pitfalls of online lessons with other teachers. I have been highly successful with all ages and student levels, in teaching technique using this technology.

I¬†customize the shots that work best for you, allowing me to access these directly in our online lesson. A combination of these (and variations of these) shots are combined On-Screen to give your a complete visual picture of every detail. These ‘Lesson Scenes’ are pictured below. This also provides me the ultimate versatility for other types of lessons: Customized Videos, Video Exchange, Training Videos, and more.

Full Over-The-Top View

Full Side View

Upper Body View

Zoomed Top View

Zoomed Side View

Lower Body (Pedal) View

Lesson Scenes

Lesson GIFS

lesson recordinG clips