customized lesson videos

Do you prefer to learn a particular song(s) and/or just want to focus on an aspect of piano short-term, without the week-to-week commitment? I can customized and create a comprehensive instruction videos for you. I will provide initial consultation (via Video Conference, phone, or email) and figure out exactly what you need.

Your Customized Media Package includes:

-Videos for each section of the song; at slow and regular speed

-Sections of each Video that are broken down into easy-to-understand chunks

-Video of entire song at slow and regular speed

-Videos with multiple camera angles, lighted keys, whiteboard music theory, and on-screen annotations

-Digital PDF’s of chord charts to provide additional assistance

These videos & PDF’s will be sent to you via Dropbox link – Dropbox account (it’s free) is required.


$200 minimum to start project (2 Hours)

$75 per hour – for any additional hours

The length all depends on the scope of the project: Preparation, Recording Time, and Post-Production are all built into the project time.

On average, a song of basic-to-moderate difficulty will require at least 2 hours to complete. For more difficult and advanced pieces, it will take longer.

Once we have had a consultation and I’ve had time to review the project, I will give an estimate. I require half the estimate once the project starts; then the rest after completion.

custom video examples