weekly online lessons

Each week, we will meet online in the Virtual Piano Studio at a regularly scheduled time. I will craft a custom curriculum based off your needs and we will focus on improving your abilities week-to-week. During each lesson, we will review items you have practiced, discuss strategies, introduce new concepts, and I will give you a plan on how to execute, based off your commitment level.

This is the very best lesson option for your musical growth.

Tuition Rates for Year-Round Program:

45 Minute Lessons – Monthly Tuition = $250

1 Hour Lessons – Monthly Tuition = $300

**Lessons are based on tuition system – You receive 44 lessons per year from your start date**

Tuition Rates for Month-to-Month Program:

45 Minute Lessons – 4 Lessons  = $300

1 Hour Lessons – 4 Lessons = $400


lesson recordinG clips