studio policy

Tuition & Payments – YEAR ROUND PROGRAM

Tuition is based off the length of student lessons. Payments will be setup for you and you will just need to pay the 1st invoice to setup lessons. After you make the initial payment via Stripe Merchant, you will be setup for Stripe auto-billing on the date you start lessons. The auto-billing will start the 2nd month and you will receive a receipt for each payment.

If your payment is declined, please take the appropriate steps to resolve asap.  Please contact me if there are special circumstances and I will work with you.  



MONTHLY TUITION – 30 MINUTE LESSONS = $225/month (for ages 5-8; 1st year students only)

Student Withdrawal Notice
In the event that you need to cancel lessons, you will be required to provide a 30-day notice (via email) prior to leaving. Before you make that decision, please speak with your instructor about your situation. I require notice because it takes a lot of time & effort to fill specific time slots. Once you provide notice, auto-payments will be cancelled (30 days from the request date) and we will finish the final batch of lessons. There are other alternatives as well…please speak to me about those options. 

Understanding Tuition Costs    
Do you ever wonder where your tuition dollars go? Here is some insight on what your fees cover so you can better understand what I provide for you:    

-Teacher Experience    
-Teacher Formal Education & MTNA Certification    
-Teacher connections with other professionals in the industry    
-Time spent with student in lessons    
-Time spent planning student lessons    
-Creating customized video & backing tracks to supplement lessons 
-High Quality Instruments (Professional quality acoustic and digital instruments)    
-Upkeep of all instruments & Technology   
-Planning & time spent for recitals, performance, workshops, & all other opportunities
-Teacher Development    
-Teacher salary    
-Teacher retirement  

Music Orders     
Music (sheet music, lesson books, digital music, etc) orders are placed throughout the year, depending on the students’ particular need. You are required to purchase & have materials designated by the instructor, depending on the program and curriculum. First time students will receive information on how to purchase materials in their lesson, with a follow-up email. The most convenient way to order music is via Amazon or directly through the publisher via website.   

A calendar of studio events, payment reminder dates, & studio breaks is available on the studio website (“Studio Info” then “Calendar”) LINK: 

Please refer to this calendar in advance to avoid possible schedule conflicts.      

There are a total of 42 lessons scheduled in the yearly calendar & 10 studio breaks each calendar year. Most studio break weeks coincide with school breaks (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break).

Lesson days that fall on these US holidays (July 4th & Labor Day) will be rescheduled at the students convenience. Since the majority of students/families prefer not to attend lessons on these ‘Holidays’, rescheduled lessons will be worked in based on student & studio availability.      

Student Makeup Lessons       
If a student misses a lesson, I will provide a video lesson with instructions on what to work on for the next week. Students may send recordings in advance so I can listen & provide proper feedback. This is easily done within the Evernote app and/or uploading to your Dropbox student folder.     

There are no refunds for missed lessons.     

Teacher Makeup Lessons       

In the event that the instructor has to cancel due to an emergency or unplanned event, makeup lessons will be scheduled at earliest convenient time that works for both the student & teacher.  

Studio Opportunities


There will be a number of online performance opportunities available to students who would like to participate. I will also work with you to provide live performance opportunities, depending on your location and accessibility.       

Studio Examinations & Testing        

Piano Curriculum Series – This online testing program is a year-long study of music (repertoire, sight-reading, theory, ear-training, music history) which culminates with an examination at the end of Spring. Students can learn at their own pace and enter at any grade level. Highly recommended to those who seek a challenging program that is graded & self-paced, allowing the student to participate in other studio events without the typical pressure of most examination programs.   

Musicianship Exam – This online studio exam (taken in the Spring) offers an opportunity for all students to test in these areas: Theory, Ear-Training, & Sight-reading. Adults have the option to participate as well.        

Online Festivals & Competitions

There are a great number of opportunities for students to compete in online festivals & competitions. These events allow students to compete against others with similar skill level and are great incentives to practice and prepare for. These are done on a student-by-student basis. Types of competitions available online include:  

Classical Piano Performance         
Contemporary (Pop) Piano Performance         
Jazz and Pop Composition         
Jazz Performance         
Technology-Related Competition   



Every student will be synced to the Evernote app – a hub for students, assignments, recordings, other media, important notes, assessments, and anything else digital-related. Students will use this daily during practice & parents will use this to keep track of students progress & practice. This is available for all devices & computers – on Android, iOs, and downloaded app for PC or Mac.         


Your lesson recordings will be available in your Dropbox student folder directly after your lesson. This link will also be posted in your Evernote Student Hub.  

Guidelines for Practice         

Maintain practice time at a daily minimum arranged with your instructor. These are recommended minimal practice times for committed students:          

         45 minute lessons = 30 minutes daily;  5 days a week          
         1 Hour Lessons = 45 minutes daily:  5-6 days a week          

-Practice directly after your lesson and the day after – the most effective & best time to practice!          
-Give practice time the same priority as other activities.          
-Schedule practice at a regular time every day.          
-As needed, break practicing into smaller sessions to help maintain concentration.          
-When practicing, avoid distractions such as television, pets, visitors, phones, or other interruptions.          
-Regularly review daily all items listed in your Evernote Digital Assignments  

Involvement of Parents or Guardians           

The adult’s most important role is to listen to the student with encouragement and enthusiasm.  I recommend that parents or guardians sit down with the student at least once a week to see that all assignments are practiced and to offer support. Young beginner students (Age 5-8) need adult parents or guardians to be present at every practice.           
Parents or guardians should provide a piano that is well-tuned & maintained (at least once every 6 months) acoustic piano or an electronic keyboard. There are certain minimum requirements involved when purchasing an electronic keyboard. It needs to be at least 76 keys (88 is preferred) and have semi-weight action keys. Also, a metronome (digital or app), and a quiet place to practice is extremely important. Materials will be discussed during the first month of lessons and will be emailed to purchase. 

The parent’s or guardian’s responsibilities include making sure the student has access to their piano/keyboard and computer or device and ready for each online lesson.