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 ‘Let Me Be Your Technology Guide’

Along with teaching many online students globally, I also am very passionate about teaching technology to music teachers & students.

This is a customized, one-on-one service for those that use technology with their music projects, teaching, and whatever else comes to mind. Maybe you are curious about learning how to incorporate more technology and need that little push.

My goal is to help you meet your goals and I am highly successful with each & every client.

Most common topics are: Online Lessons & Creating Video Tutorials. Yet I’ve also taught lessons on a wide range of other music teaching related subjects.


The rate is $125 (USD) per Hour Session. If you sign up for Year-Round Program (weekly lessons), then it’s $340/mth. 

After you send me a message that you are interested, I will find out exactly what your needs are. My goal is to remove all concerns from your end and focus on solving your problem. Once we agree to a session (or if you prefer multiple sessions), then we will work out a schedule that works best. Then I’ll send you a link for payment via Stripe (or you can pay directly on this website). Once payment is confirmed, I will officially book you.

As a followup, I will send an easy-to-follow guide for setting up Zoom, the video conference app we will use to connect. Prior to our meeting I will prepare and make sure our session goes smoothly and focuses on your goals.

During the meeting, we will obviously focus on what you want out of the session. Some teachers prefer to pick my brain about certain subjects; some prefer to get right into solving technical problems; some want to talk about big ideas. I’m very open to going whichever route you prefer but I will also make sure to keep us on point.

The meeting will be video recorded and you will receive a detailed outline of our session in a dedicated Dropbox folder. Feel free to followup with me either via email or Facebook messenger. You can also chat with me & fellow piano tech colleagues in the Virtual Music Room.

The Video below includes 5 video clips of me working with 5 incredible teachers who have hired me to focus on their specific technology goals & projects.

If you are interested in booking a session or have general questions about the process, please feel free to click on the message icon or email me directly.

To officially a book a session, please complete the questionnaire form and submit payment.

Technically Yours,
Steve Hughes

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