The Christmas Song “TuneUp!”


Performance Video


This copyrighted arrangement is published via SMPPress and you can purchase through the link which will take you to Sheet Music Plus.

The Christmas Song has been carefully broken down into many aspects of Jazz Pedagogy from the ground up.

TuneUp! is a method of learning how to arrange & build Tunes from a Lead Sheet, one step at a time.

Each tune starts with a lead sheet and then, step by step, layers one new concept (or variation) at a time. The focus is on developing jazz piano skills that provide pianists with the confidence and ability to craft (or improvise) beautifully harmonized arrangements.

There are a total of 10 arrangements (26 total pages), not including the Lead Sheet, that explore these 5 concepts:

7th chords, Left Hand Shell Voicings, Guide Tones, Chord Tone Mapping, 4-note Shell Voicings.