TMTA 2023 - "DON'T PANIC!"

Below you will find some of the Documents & Resources mentioned in the Presentation. A complete set of resources will be uploaded throughout the Summer. I will also include other resources (not in the presentation) that I believe to be most helpful in assisting Jazz Piano students, especially in their 1st year of study.

**Please Check Back Often - I Will Be Adding PDFs, Youtube Videos, and other resources over time**

Presentation Outline

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Jazz Playlists - Spotify

PDF Documents

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Jazz Listening List - 1st Year Rec
Harmonic Cycle
Triads - 7ths - Extensions -Alterations
Chord Symbols & Breakdown
Vertical Chord Building
Rooted Voicings - 1st Year Student
Comping Patterns - 3 Jazz Styles
Cycle Progression - Triads & 7ths
Bb Blues - Chord Study Packet


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Jazz Keyboard Harmony
Real Book Vol. 6
Jazz Anyone

Youtube Vids

Jazz Practice Routine - 5 Areas
Key Cycle - Circle of 4ths
7th Chords & Upper Structures
Arranging a Tune